March 7, 2010

Number 10.

I don't know what to say tonight.  I'm feeling down this evening.  I miss Georgia a great deal.  And I miss a few people.  Quite terribly.  But I won't bore you with unnecessary complaints about things that cannot be helped or changed.  I will write, because this is what makes me feel better; feel whole.

Installment 2.

     Ethan was surprised when he found Cecilia waiting by the fireplace the next evening, reading Shakespeare again.
     "I wasn't sure that you would come," Ethan had said, smiling widely. Cecilia had laughed.
     "Of course," she'd said, smiling at him. "I had so much fun yesterday. I wouldn't pass up another date." Ethan had laughed.
     "Come, then," he'd said, leading her away to a restaurant not far from the lodge.
     They went out every night until the day she left.  They were sad that they had to leave each other, but they promised each other they would keep in touch.  
     Cecilia knew Ethan was the type of boy she could be with for a long time, as friends or otherwise.  He was tall, cute, and had amazing green eyes.  They had so much in common.  He had a passion for music and books, just like her.  He enjoyed school, homework, and studying, just as she did.  He was well-read.  He played the guitar.  Cecilia knew she liked him more than any other boy in her life, and she had only known him for a week.  
     Ethan knew Cecilia was the type of girl he could love just because of her personality.  She could always wear baggy clothes and never fix her hair, and he would still love to be around her, because she had that type of personality.  He just wanted to be around her; he never wanted to leave her.  She was extremely down-to-earth; she didn't text, didn't have a cell phone, and rarely used the computer.  Ethan thought this was what he loved best about her.
     So they decided to write letters to each other, instead of calling and emailing all the time.  It would be so much more romantic, Cecilia thought, just like in her books.  She would anticipate each letter for days until it arrived, bearing his name and signature.  She could keep each one in a special place to read over and again, remembering how she had answered each letter and what she had said.  
     The first letter from Ethan arrived a week after Cecilia arrived back home in Michigan.  The return address was in Europe.  Cecilia was confused; Ethan had told her that his family lived in Ohio.  But the first line in the letter answered her questions.
     "Don't be confused about the return address," Ethan had written.  "We are only vacationing in Europe.  A different city each day for a two weeks, and then we return home.  It's marvelous, isn't it?  You would love it."  Cecilia smile and thought, yes, of course I would.  The rest of the letter said that he was in Paris and heading to Madrid soon.  He told her where to address her next letter to, and he promised he would receive it. So she  wrote a reply, told him of her life since she arrived home, told him how much she missed his smile and his beautiful eyes.  After writing two pages, she folded them, stuffed them into an envelope, sealed and addressed it, according to his new address, and put it in the mailbox to be picked up the next morning.  Then she read his letter from Paris again and again, and placed it in her keepsake box that she had made specially for the letters.  
     She fell asleep that night with a smile on her face, happier than she had been in a long time.  

Well, I feel a bit better now, I guess.  

Season finale of Big Love tonight: something to look forward to.  :)

As always,
Jules, the High School Nomad.

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