March 9, 2010

Number 11.

So, a great many things made me angry in the course of the day.  I won't tell you about them, because I am a modest girl, and you would be ashamed of some of the things I thought about saying in such situations.

My medicine for a bad day: To talk about happy things.  Or write.  But happy things first, then maybe I will write.

Today I went to a church in my town and filled these little baggies with a soup which can feed about 10 people for 70 cents per bag.  We filled enough bags to feed over a thousand people today.  It made me happy to be helping that large of an amount of people to get a single meal.  Think about it: we have the luxury of eating three meals per day, with snacks in between.  We always have food.  These people, who are living in poverty, sometimes go without food for a while.  This soup that my friends and I packed for them may be the first complete meal they have had in a long time.  And the soup sounded delicious, too!  It had seasonings (not quite sure exactly what kind), rice, soy protein, barley, garlic powder, dehydrated mixed herbs, peas, carrots, and potatoes.  I didn't have any to eat, but it sure sounded yummy.  I want to go help again, and maybe I will later this week.  :)

Tonight is girls night: daddy and my brother are both busy.  So I gotta get that homework done.  :)

As always,
Jules, the High School Nomad.

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