March 14, 2010

Number 13.

I talked to my best friend today.  Good Lord, I miss her so much.  She lives in Georgia.  We didn't get to have a long conversation, but we had a conversation nonetheless.

The sad thing, is that I get so sad each time I hang up the phone after talking to her, wishing that I could just get in my car and drive over to her house, pick her up, go to Starbucks, or just drive around and hang out.  It would be so wonderful to be able to do that again.  Just knowing that I can't do that anymore and might never be able to do it again makes me want to cry.  I almost don't want to talk to her anymore, but I can't do that, because not talking to her would be worse than wishing every day that I still lived near her.  This feeling is terrible.  I don't know how to describe it.  It's worse than homesickness.  It's closely related to a broken heart... but not broken by a lover; broken by the distance between one and a best friend.  Best friends who are as close as sisters.

I don't know what to do right now.  I have to get my mind off of it, so I guess I will study for exams.

As Always,
Jules, The High School Nomad.

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