March 24, 2010

Number 17.

So my family decided not to go anywhere for spring break (a trip to Canada was previously planned...).  Now my parents want to take the money we would have used to take a trip to Canada to turn our basement into a theater-type atmosphere.  Reclining theater seats... black out curtains... big screen (which we already have...) the works.  So now I am home for Spring Break.  Luckily, they decided early enough to let me know we would not be traveling, and not too many of my friends have plans yet.  Already, I am planning on helping Holly paint her bedroom, I have promised to spend time with Sarek (something we have been trying to do since December, but never can), and do something or another with Abby.  Unsure of all our plans yet, besides the painting of Holly's bedroom, but I cannot wait!  Even though I am not going to Canada, I am still excited for spring break.  =D

I might even talk my mom into taking me to Chicago for one night, a little girl time.  My sister is also included, of course.  Chicago would be a blast.  =]

Also!  I learned last night that my mother is planning on us taking a cruise for my senior year!  Which is in two years, but still.  Exciting?  I think yes!  And my aunt is going, too!!  Senior year for me is going to be the best senior year ever experienced by anyone, anywhere.  =D

Violin lesson now-- but maybe I will write later?  After homework, of course.  :)

As always,
Jules, the High School Nomad

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