April 9, 2010

Number 23.

Words cannot express how content I am right now.  For the first time in a long time, everything is going right.  I've no conflicting emotions, no mixed signals to worry about... nothing.  I'm so excited for the rest of this year... I've a wonderful feeling that it will progress with ease and be very pleasurable.

When I got home from Chicago, a few things happened that made my night.  For one, I am finally getting the cello I have been asking for since last summer.  Second, I have a date for Saturday night.  -Cheesy grin- hehe.  And tonight, I asked for help in creating a group of accomplished musicians to play quartet (or quintet) music in weddings and other events.  Hoorah!

I am very excited for the months to come.  I just know they will be marvelous and rewarding.

And now for a little relaxation with a good book.

As always,
Jules, the High School Nomad

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