August 25, 2010

Number 33.

My sister... Ohh, my sister. What would I do without her? She is my world.

But she can be a real pain in the ass. She never listens to me no matter what I tell her. Just tonight my dad texted me from the neighbor's house and told me to make sure her television was off. I go into her room and she is watching Netflix on our mama's laptop. I tell her to turn it off and go into the bathroom. When I come back, it's still on. "Turn it off now," I say. She says she will turn it off when the show is over. "No, now. Daddy said so."
"But it's almost over!"
I say once again for her to turn it off and she says no. At this point we are yelling and there is a four year old sleeping in the next room. I try to take the computer but she snatches it away. I am left with the strong urge to hit her, but I resist. That would only get me in trouble, even though she is being a flaming bitch. So I stand up, say "whatever," and go into my room closing the door. When I am calm enough not to throw a punch, I go back to her room and say,
"I don't know where you get off thinking you're allowed to be such a bitch. No one ever let me get away with that kind of behavior when I was fourteen years old, so I don't know why you think you can. Turn off the damn computer and go to sleep. Now."
She slams the computer lid and puts it on the floor, glaring at me. I say "goodnight," sharply, and go back to my room and write this.

What. A. Bitch.

Despite all odds, I love her with all of my heart. I just wish her PMS wasn't so... Violent.

As always,
Jules, the High School Nomad.

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