June 22, 2010

Number 31.

It has been a long time since I have written anything, and a lot has happened.

My older brother graduated from high school.  My little sister "graduated" from the 8th grade.  Me?  I moved up from sophomore to junior status at high school.  Win!  Ha.

It's difficult to say whether things are going good or bad.  The oil spill in the gulf prevented my family from going on vacation to Alabama like we have been doing every summer since I can remember.  We then planned a trip out west, which fell through, then a plan up north to the Upper Peninsula, which also fell through.  Now, we are taking a drive to Louisiana to stay with my grandparents.  This is good.  All that other stuff?  Bad.  But ohh well.

And then!  (I also cannot decide whether this makes me happy or sad...)  My mom told me today that she is thinking about flying me down to Georgia!  All by myself!  This makes me happy.  But then my dad said that he doesn't know how comfortable he is with sending me all the way to Georgia by myself.  Bummer...  So my mom came up with a scheme to (possibly) get my BEST FRIEND up here for a week or so!  (But shh!  Don't tell her yet.)  Personally, I'd rather I go to Georgia than she come here, because then I can see a whole bunch of other people that I haven't seen in a year.  My mom knows this would make me the happiest, and she said she would talk to my father about it.  But having Peyt come up to see me would be a fair compromise, I suppose.  I've missed her so... I guess this news makes me both happy and sad... happy for the possibility of both situations, but sad at the possibility of not going to Georgia.

Well, this is all I have for tonight, but I think I will write a bit more fiction...

As always,
Jules, the High School Nomad.

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  1. that is SO exciting! aw, i wish you would come back, too.