May 15, 2010

Number 30.

Like Ice, Like Fire.

Your arms are around me, my heart beating fast,
I know just what you are thinking, yet my mind will not process.
Your hand touches mine, your fingers like ice,
"Your hands are so warm--" Your whisper gives me chill.

Your shirt covers us both, the night is so cold,
The stars, though, are bright; such gifts from the heavens.
We stare at them together, and I am glad for your presence;
Your cheek touches mine, it leaves a feeling like fire.
A touch, a kiss...
I don't know what to feel...
Don't know what to think.

Although the night is like ice, your touch is like fire,
Keeping me warm on the short winter nights.

It's nights like tonight that give me inspiration to write again.  This is the first decent poem I've written since before the end of freshman year.  Thank you, kind young man (whose name I shall not reveal... not yet) for giving me this inspiration to get rid of my year-long writer's block.  =]

As always,
Jules, the High School Nomad

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