February 26, 2010

Number 3.

Today, we had a day off from school.  It ended up being a very good day.  I spent some time with my sister.  We played cards, then read a little bit from Pride and Prejudice, which I am reading aloud to her, and she asked me to straighten her hair.  She looks like a million bucks.  ;)

I am sort of getting tired of all this snow.  It was being raining/snowing all day... and it won't stop!  I miss the sunshine.  But I guess I have to deal with it... I just keep thinking about summer vacation and our family beach trip.... rolling waves... warm sand... hot sun... yeah.  I can deal.  :)

I am trying to write a song... I have lyrics (my best friend Peyton wrote them two years ago), but we never had music to sing them to.  I am attempting to do that now.  So far the music sounds good, but putting the words to the music is proving to be a bit difficult.  But I'm trying.  Ha. 

About two summers ago (around the same time the song lyrics were written...), I started and completed an entire story, which is about 50 pages long, printed on normal computer paper.  After rediscovering and rereading it again last night, I decided it has a good story line but it is a pretty amature peice of work...  So I am going to edit it and rewrite some parts of it and share parts of it with you here.  If you really like it, it will be my first story that I will try to get published.  So be honest with your feedback.  :)

Well, I think a nap is in order... I've been sick for a quite a while now...

Jules, the High School Nomad

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