April 21, 2010

Number 26.

Darkness is...

Darkness is cool
Darkness is warm
Darkness is where I can talk
and not really be heard

Darkness is quiet
Darkness is soothing
Darkness is where I can lay for hours
and not be bothered

Darkness is black
Darkness is great
Darkness is where I don't have to worry
and not be stressed out

Darkness is crucial
to me living serenely
Darkness brings out the best in me
so I can live freely

But as much as I like darkness
I know it can't last forever...
soon the sun must shine
and make your smile bright...

I like the darkness
I like the pure white moon and stars
but I also like the sun
and I like the blue skies and green grass

Darkness is serenity.
Lightness is happiness.

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