April 2, 2010

Number 20.

Everything is so peaceful.  It is 2:30 in the morning.  I enjoy being up this late.  My driveway and the street outside are bathed in a gentle orange glow from the streetlight outside my bedroom window.  The sky is completely dark, and although there are no stars, it is relaxing just to see it.  Darkness give me a sense of calm somehow.  It's as if, with the coming of night, things become different; the opposite of what they are by day.  I don't have any worries.  I've stopped hurting.  I can lay in the darkness and be completely at peace with myself and where I am.  I still don't completely understand those things I talked about, but when it is nighttime, it's like they don't matter.  For approximately twelve hours I feel as if I don't have to have a care in the world.  

I can't hear any cars.  No one is out and about at this hour.  No one is walking down the street, or talking loudly, or making any sort of noise at all.  Although, I just heard some cats meowing loudly and a rooster crow.  Ha.  

But at some point in the night, after I've been awake for most of the day, I must succumb to the darkness and get the rest that I need before another busy day of doing absolutely nothing.  Maybe tomorrow I will sleep as much as I can so that I can stay up for most of the night to see the night sky and stars.  If there are any stars. 

Oh clouds, won't you allow me to see the moon and the stars?  The moon and stars are positively the most beautiful objects in space, and I just adore looking at them.  Ha.  I'm talking to inanimate objects again.  Does this mean I am going crazy?  Quite possibly, yes.  

Well, I guess it is time for some (hopefully) peaceful and rejuvenating sleep.  I can hardly keep my eyes open any longer.  

As always,
Jules, the High School Nomad.

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